Travel Tuesday – An English Summer Vacation with Bed & Fed

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Annabella Forbes from Bed & Fed in the UK on the Parasol Power Chat.  Since my temps here are in the high 90′s, I was feeling a bit homesick for the gorgeous English summers and Bed & Fed popped to mind.  Planning a trip to Ireland or England?  Bed & Fed is the way to go!

Annabella is the Founder and Chief Chick of Bed & Fed and has created an unique business model that allows travelers to Ireland and the UK to stay with locals – saving money and gaining a fabulous local experience as well.

Annabella is fabulous too – a 25 year old entrepreneur who created Bed & Fed when she saw an opportunity in her travels to connect hosts that would like to make some extra money by renting out their guest rooms to travelers who were interested in a lower cost and more social option of meeting the locals at their destinations.

Some of the benefits of Bed & Fed for travelers:

  • explore areas you would not otherwise see
  • unusual non-tourist side of life
  • it’s so much more fun than staying in a sterile hotel or normal B&B
  • 1,000,000 X better experience staying with local people – get inside knowledge
  • cheap, money-saving
  • no fuss, no booking fees, no single supplements
  • new places, people & experiences unavailable elsewhere
  • no tourist rip-offs
  • no tourists full stop!
  • specialist bespoke accommodation in its own little way
  • fun and time-maximising tips
  • See all 23 reasons that Bed & Fed is special

For me as a traveler, staying with locals and having a non-tourist experience makes for lifetime memories and the most interesting trips!  It is a great way to get to know a country and save money on accommodations too.

And for my readers in the UK – time to take a staycation!  What better way to have some extra travel money? Bed & Fed hosts begin at approximately 30 pounds per night.  See Annabella’s post on the benefits of staycationing.  Bed & Fed has also added an iPhone app to make the whole process even easier!

Experience Ireland and England in a personal way with Bed & Fed … and make sure you hoist a pint for me!

Bed & Fed Main Site

Bed & Fed Main Site Blog

Connect with Bed & Fed on Twitter @BedandFed

*Like* Bed & Fed on Facebook (I DO!)


The Queen Bee is happy to say that Bed & Fed is the Bee’s Knees!

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