Queen Bee Picks – My Birthday Week, Inspiration & Good Food

birthday cake, birthday wishes, the beehive blogIt’s here again.  My Birthday.  On Thursday.  The number this year is 43.  It actually does not really bother me – my years since 40 have been a bit challenging but certainly I am making progress from the horror of 3 – 4 years ago.

My business is growing, my son is happy, and I feel healthy and I am grateful for all of that.  Of course, I have moments – don’t we all?  I seem to be going through my 2nd menopause (the first being surgically triggered 13 years ago) and my head does not feel like a Hot Flash, it feels like a nuclear station.  Nuclear Hot Flashes.  Lovely.  Really – that is my biggest complaint at the moment and since I hate to complain, that’s it.

On to the Good Stuff.

My Birthday Week.  Inspiration.  Good Food.  

This sums up my Queen Bee Picks for the Week and all seem immensely apropos for my Birthday Week.

1.  My friend & business partner, Beverly Pipes, is making me a Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing for my birthday.  It is ALL that I ever want for a birthday cake and this year I am getting it.  WOOT!

2.  I was reading the Guide to Being Yourself by Jennifer Louden and I printed it off and stuck it right next to my calendar so I can remind myself every single day.  This year is MY YEAR.  I am determined.

blogging, journaling, mindful writing3.  Writing has been my joy and refuge for all of my life.  I have always kept journals and in the past 6 months, I am morphing my journals into more creative expressions.  The book responsible for this is The Life Organizer by Jennifer Louden which I recommend to everyone.   The second book that I am investing in for my higher journaling purposes is Spirits of Joy by Hannah Marcotti … prompts, tidbits, soulwork, vision boarding – all the things I LOVE.

4.  Must Read on the WebSusannah Conway’s Blog – her posts are like wrapping in a blanket and curling up with a cup of tea with a friend and chatting the afternoon away.  And her photography is stellar.  Read my review of her most recent book – This I Know.

5.  My favorite Chef – Yotam Ottolenghi – has a new Cookbook “Jerusalem” being released in the US in mid-October but pre-order is available and you can BET that I did!  His cookbook “Plenty” has gotten more use than any other cookbook in my life and I am still pulling awesome treats out of it like the Eggplant Tricolore & More that I made last week … stay tuned for the recipe!

 yotam ottolenghi, kimberly moore, cook, recipes

6.  It’s FALL.  Autumn is my favorite season and even though I am back in South Florida which does not have a Fall, I am taking FULL advantage of the seasonal food and cooking.  The Hungry Goddess kitchen has been buzzing with the Flavors of Fall and we are having a Fall Favorites #HGEATS Chat on Wednesday 9/26 at 12n est – Join US!

Fall recipes, fall foodA few new Fall recipes on the Hungry Goddess for Fall:

And there are loads more coming!  What is the food that makes you most excited for Fall?

7.  Pinterest is addictive and also immensely inspirational – loving the Autumn Eating pinterest board - share a link to your favorite Fall Pinterest board in the comments!

8.  Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us!  Since food blogging includes getting posts ready wayyyyy in advance, I have been thinking about the holidays quite a bit.

Loving the Pier 1 Imports Holiday Planner and to be honest, I could just move into one of their stores.  Right?

9.  Good Health and Healthy Eating are BIG on my list – getting rid of sugary drinks is my big goal for the upcoming year.  I have been delighted with Coconut Water and the delicious options available – have you tried it??  Completely Satisfying AND Good for You – Score!  My two favorites are:

Tonight is the Beach Club for a pre-Birthday celebration and on the day of my birthday, I will be in Miami and having dinner prepared by Todd English – pretty awesome!

Wishing you all a wonderful week – come and say HI on The Beehive Blog Facebook and leave me some links on your fall favorites!


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  1. I am so honored to make your list! xoxoxo

  2. Chelsea says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite time of year too! Finally I can layer again!

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