How to Make Perfect Quinoa

IMHO, making perfect Quinoa is not as tricky as making perfect rice.  Beverly, The Healthy Goddess has the best recipe on how to make Quinoa – it comes out perfect every single time.  I frequently make a larger batch and then use it over several days by adding it to salads, soups or using it [...] Read more »

Spring is Nature’s New Year

March is Nature’s Happy New Year In not so many centuries ago, the New Year was celebrated on the first of March. Then in 1752, a ‘new’ calendar was adopted, which erroneously placed it on the 1st of January. [1] Prior to that, events coincided with the cycles of nature. It was fitting that March began the year considering that nature wakes up from the slumber of winter. Spring represents the beauty of creation aesthetically and functionally. When we think of […] Read more »

You Are Creative

cre•a•tion /krēˈāSHən/ Noun The action or process of bringing something into existence. When I say “Wow, So-And-So is a really creative person” where does your mind go? Are you visualizing a sculptor? A writer? Some other type of artist? You did? Well, you and probably many other people, because our society heavily emphasizes the connection between creation and art. Which means if you are not an artist, you may not consider yourself to be creative. Let’s look at the definition again. […] Read more »

Woman to Know Interview – Dawn Garcia from ATOD Magazine

I have been running around the Interwebs with Dawn Garcia for some time now.  She is a powerhouse writer and delivers sumptuous articles on the best subjects - Food, Wine, Travel, Chefs, Photography and she just added ATOD Radio to her filled-to-the-brim schedule.  Dawn is also a Sister Libra and we share a birthday – proof positive that the predilection for constant juggling of multiple projects may have something to do with our astrological charts.  It is my absolute pleasure to […] Read more »

Striving for Unconditional Love

Striving for Unconditional Love The term ‘unconditional love’ gets passed around a lot. But, what exactly is it?  Instead of a definition, let’s look to dogs to better understand the meaning. “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.” – The late comedic actress, Gilda Radner Qualities dogs have and give as examples of unconditional love A dog is happy to see you no matter if you […] Read more »